Use our FAQ section below to find answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. If you cannot find the answer you're looking for, feel free to Contact us at any time.

What does Pop Open® mean?

PopOpen is a term trademarked by Zweigle's that refers to the Natural Casing (or NC). Our flagship hot dogs are cooked in the same style that sausage is made, in 'casing' or 'skin'. We use a small hog casing, and when your grill is nice and hot it chars the casing, causing the skin on the dog or sausage to 'Pop Open' or split. We also have skinless products and tender-casing (TC's)

It is such a cold Rochester day, can I boil my Zweigle's hot dog instead of grilling it?

Winter time is long and cold in Western, New York so if you want to avoid the elements we suggest you pan fry or oven cook our PopOpens to get a crisp skin that you love all spring, summer and fall. Sure you could boil, but we don't want you to be disappointed with how it eats. Boiling is a fantastic method when using our skinless hot dogs, which often pleases the youngsters that feign disdain for grill marks, char or anything that resembles 'burnt' food on their plate.

I miss the hometown taste of your products so much, and whenever I bring some back to my city and state my friends go nuts with praise! Why don't you guys sell your delicious hot dogs in California, Florida, Texas, or the Carolinas?

Just like Barbeque Sauce can be vinegar or tomato based depending on where you visit in the United States; Hot Dogs and Sausages also fall into a regional food category based on taste preference of consumers. For instance, a few hundreds miles down the thruway in big 'ol New York City people prefer skinless all-beef long and skinny in diameter frankfurters very different to our short fat flagship Texas style, a Pork and Beef hot dog in a Natural Casing.

Does 'White Hot' or 'Porker' mean just a white colored pork hot dog?

'White Hots' or 'Porker' are slang that Rochester natives refer to our Natural Casing Sausage a flavor profile which is based off a German Weisswurst Sausage. It's made from a meat block of Pork, Beef and Veal and is produced similarly to our Texas Hot Dogs or 'Red Hots' but doesn't receive any nitrates for color, therefore retains its natural coloring of 'white' after its cooked in the smokehouse.

Why do they call 'em 'Red Hots' if they aren't spicy?

'Red Hots' are a slang term by Rochester natives to differentiate from the 'White Hots' in color because any proper Rochesterian host or hostess entertaining you for backyard BBQ will offer both options to their guests. Along with a cold Genny.

Why aren't your dogs all-beef?

Contrary to popular beliefs and tactful marketing by many national brand hot dogs companies, all-beef hot dogs are not always synonymous with high quality ingredients. The USDA allows you to say all-beef but that doesn't mean whole muscle meat, it can refer to trim aka the scrap or discard off cutting the better cuts typically used for steaks, stew, etc. The campaign for all-beef hot dogs is targeting all-meat and/or mystery meat dogs – a category we do not fall into. We actually do make an all-beef hot dog available in skinless and tender-casing.

Well, then if not all-beef, what the heck is in your hot dogs?

Our Hot Dogs and Sausage links are made with high quality cuts of beef and pork as they have been for the last 134 years. We never use TVP: Texturized Vegetable Protein as filler. We never use soy as filler. We never use mechanically separated poultry – the kind of ingredient you'll see on the label of all meat dogs or the marketed leaner-wiener made-with-turkey dogs.

Why aren't you non-GMO Soy certified?

We do not use any soy in our products therefore we cannot obtain a certification for an ingredient we don't use. It would be like trying to obtain a certification for all Organic Bananas, but we don't use any bananas in our sausage either.

Why would I buy your Italian Sausage, uh, the name is Zweigle's, so aren't you guys a German food company?

Sure, our roots are German, and as a fifth generation family owned and operated business we really know our sausages and franks. But frankly, pardon the pun, today we're as American as apple pie. As immigrants, Zweigle's started cooking recipes brought from the homeland of Germany. And as it is for so many, America is a melting pot; so of course there's ethnic diversity in marriages over the course of 5 generations in Rochester, NY. Our current owner and president, Julie is both German and Italian. The Italian sausage recipe is based off her Maternal Grandmother's recipe. We have also reached into other cultures for flavorful recipes just taste our Polish or Chicken Chorizo Sausage for proof!

I saw a video of how hot dogs are made and what can you say to convince me to ever eat another hot dog again or feed it to my children?

We can assure you any video you've seen about the process of hot dog making is generalization of the industry, and while it may represent some truths about some manufacturers it doesn't accurately depict our unique process; starting with the very simple fact that we use whole muscle high quality cuts of meats which is contradictory since it is a processed food.

Can I come for a factory tour?

We are a USDA inspected facility, which means a representative from the USDA is present every day that we are open for production. We operate an 'open facility' which means we open our doors often throughout the year to tour groups from our food service and grocery store customer base by appointment. For safety reasons and because it's disruptive to the flow of production we are not open to the public for tour groups.

Can I purchase directly from you and avoid the grocery store?

No, we are not set up for retail distribution to the public. We have strong long term relationships with all of the grocery stores in the greater Rochester Community as well as Buffalo and Syracuse; we can happily direct you to stores where you'll find selection of our products.

Can I get a donation for my organization?

As one of the oldest members of the Rochester business community we are asked for donations almost daily; in order to mainstream the donation consideration process we ask that you send your request for Zweigle's product according to the instructions listed under the Request a Food Donation section of the website.

Why do your products cost more than some other brands?

Quality ingredients and high manufacturing standards. Cutting corners is not in the mission statement.

I reside outside of Western, NY, why do you charge so much to ship when I try to order online?

It's fantastic that you are a loyal customer who wants to ship delicious Zweigle's, according to shipping regulations food must be packaged properly to maintain temperature for safe shipping; and unfortunately we cannot dictate shipping rates set by the carriers. For questions on ordering and shipping please contact New York Style Deli directly at 1-800-285-3791.

I heard nitrates are bad for you, why are you still putting them in some of your products?

Nitrates are used to retain coloring. We are currently researching alternatives, as well as evaluating some of the new science that finds these claims to be untrue. In the meantime, for those with a sensitively to nitrates or that are looking to avoid them, we do make products free of nitrates including our 'White Hots' and chicken sausages.

Are your hot dogs gluten-free?

Yes all of our hot dogs are Gluten-free. Our chicken sausages and classic sausages are gluten-free as well, with the exception of our Beer Bratwurst, for its obviously offending